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Patient: Jan

Diagnosis: Metastatic (endometrial ) Cancer
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I am a 67 year old woman who was diagnosed with Hi Grade endometrial cancer back in March of 2021. I lived a relatively clean lifestyle, vegetarian diet, exercise, meditation, spiritual practices. Stress was a huge factor before my diagnosis. A pipe collapsed in my house, coverage for damage which was denied by insurance company. I had to work a couple years after my planned retirement date to cover gutting/renovation,which,required moving out. My drumming partner, 17 year old cat and 95 year old mother died within 6 weeks of each other. I was in a toxic relationship.
Voilŗ! The cancer was a wake up call.
I explored both conventional treatment and natural cancer coaching program online (started the Chris Beats Cancer anti cancer diet). I opted to do everything I could: had a radical hysterectomy, 28 radiations and 6 chemotherapies, as the oncologist said it was a cure- stage 2, had just a few circulating cells in a lymph node. The only long term side effects were a little neuropathy.
The diet went out the window with the radiation and chemos, I lost 22 pounds and was reduced to bone broth, refined carbohydrates and concentrated proteins.
By January of 2022 I was able to resume eating vegetables.
Lots of side effects: chemo brain, peripheral neuropathy, bladder issues, anemia, osteoporosis.
My 6 month scan post last treatment showed suspicious nodes in my lungs, a 3 month later scan conclusive of pulmonary metastasis. PET. scan revealed recurrence in both lungs, 5 lymph nodes and a stress fracture in my sacrum. New findings unfolding are attributing recurrences Such as mine to COVID vax effect of RNA generated spike protein, impacting already compromised immune system.
Standard of care treatment was immunotherapy with another oral chemo: 25% success rate with 3 possible outcomes- keep treating until it goes away, it doesnít work or your body gives out. Side effects were thyroid and any itis (inflammation of organ). Had a friend stop treatment after pneumonitis, hacking cough with flem, and rise in blood pressure. Another friendís brother passed from immunotherapy.
I dug in deep to online webinars, research on natural integrative drís and enlisted the care of an integrative clinic/all inclusive therapies in Clearwater, FL.
I relocated for the 10+ week intensive program. I started this method of communication as I literally have no time/energy to keep in touch with relatives and friends. I share this with you in hopes that it helps someone else along this path..

Report created by: Jan
Date: 12/09/2022 at 11:10 a.m.
Subject: My Schedule

Update Thursday 12/8/022

I thought Iíd start with a typical day(schedule varies from day to day) so you can maybe see why I canít reach out as I am accustomed to. The therapies (vary in start time and location -albeit on the same street,), the supplements and keto diet(mine of which has an additional 1200 calories to regain my lost weight) have me consumed. Throw in dealing with various side effects, finances, personal business, scheduling, new locale . . . am just starting to get in a groove(better than a rut😆).
Not sure of my IPT chemo therapy schedule yet, it unfolds next week, so I canít even tell you my holiday break plans yet.

5:45 Homeopathic drops (cell metabolism)
6:00 Maragen supplement (restore the bodyís natural detection and destruction of cancer cells)
6:30 Bolouke (blood thinner to keep port from clotting)
7:00 Perfect Peptides supplement
7:30 Low Dose Methylene Blue (energy metabolism/mitochondria)
Pack lunch
AM supplements/breakfast
Mushroom tea (mycoceutics)
8:15 Infusions 2/day, rotates
Vitamin C
Poly MVA(energy (immune response, DNA support for normal cell function)
PCUVBI (detox, targets abnormal cells, increases blood oxygenation of cells)
Curcumin (turmeric compound reduces inflammation, prevent cancer growth and kill certain cancer cells)
11:15 Maragen
11:45 Lunch and supplements
12:20 HOCATT (hyperthermia/heat, ozone/oxygenation of cells, infrared light)
1:15 walk to bayside dock
1:45 HBOT (hyperbaric chamber/oxygen)
3:30 MAS (magnetic mat/field therapy)or PEMF (pulsed magnetic field therapy)
4:30 Homeopathic drops
4:45 Peptide and Mistletoe injections
5:00 bike to neighborhood park
6:00 Maragen
6:30 Bolouke
7:00 Track treatments/practitioner correspondence/reflection/log keto diet
8:00 Dinner and supplements
10:00 Homeopathic drops
10:30 Maragen
Ionic Foot Bath
11:30 Low Dose Naltrexone

Am anticipating future updates to be a tad more anecdotal.
Not wanting to burden you with magnitude, I had no idea how all those remarkable therapies Iíd researched would be so intensely employed.

Much love !
With healing strength and stamina,

Report created by: Jan
Date: 01/18/2023 at 2:10 p.m.
Subject: Releasing

Update 1/17/2023

My intention was to do a weekly update. So much for intentions.

I do recall the first free weekend that I wanted to post in December.

On Saturday, after a full week of treatments, supplements, diet, I crashed. There were multiple naps, including one of 4 hours.

Go with the flow, I made a list of non treatment related activities, (wash my hair, put new cell phone screen protector on, yoga, walk a trail in a park). I think I executed the first 2 somewhere between naps. No biggie, rejuvenation is good.

So Sunday I was mentally psyched for the other 2 activities however once the stillness of the weekend set in my emotions seized the opportunity to escape and poured forth.

Stress release.

As long as I keep going they stay in check. Once I stop, the accumulation bursts thru the firewall in an emotive deluge.

Soul cleansing tears.

This happened with my first round of conventional treatments 6 months after commencing; after a sweat lodge (usually very grounding), a yoga nidra meditation and sound bath healing with lodge family when I anticipated a feel good serenity sensation, instead I was distressed-cold in meditation room and my bony body uncomfortable on hard floor after 2nd hour of sound bath. I drove home and awoke to deep grief for a whole day. Healing happened anyway.

You get what you need not what you want.
The healing was in all those tears.
There was a following deep peace.

So it was with the transition of researching, relocating, and engaging in this intensive program.

I recognize the process and embrace the release. And further go thru the motions of redirecting the energy to segway into the calm that ensues. Not enough energy for yoga but I did put myself into the truck and venture forth to Honeymoon State Park, bound and determined to walk a trail; move a muscle change a thought. I shuffled the 2 miles and finally arrived when the barrier announced closure due to nesting eagles.
I saw them intermittently poking out of the huge nest but couldnít muster the energy to hold the phone to video. As I recall the mosquitoes were another entity, needed my hands for slapping.

Not wishing to scare anyone off but convey a realistic view of this intensive healing program. This blog is public as well should someone else want first hand knowledge of this path.

I was told how hard my body would be working to wipe out cancer cells, detox, rebuild/restore damage done by my conventional treatment 2 years ago(in fact I believe I am here as much for that as the cancer recurrence-the gift) and that multiple naps and crash days on the weekends were a norm. I have a newfound respect/admiration for fellow patients in this program, many of whomís conditions outwardly appear far worse than mine. Very strong souls. And the light enters in when you encounter that healing stamina and strength or share a space (hyperbaric chamber, infusion, waiting room) with someone further down the path and absorb their elevated energy.

It takes a village!
And I am so blessed to have all of you as a supportive tribe.

May you all be gifted today in respect to the beautiful person you are!

(I love to write and it is cathartic/helps process.
Take what you like and leave the rest)


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