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We know how important you privacy is. We at Family Patient take it very seriously.

As part of the services offered by Family Patient, it is necessary to collect contact information from all users who set up an account on the website. Family Patient restricts access to this personally identifiable information. Only employees who need the information in order to do their jobs have access to it. These employees are limited in number and are committed to our privacy and security policies. Family Patient will not sell, rent or lease your personally identifiable information (including email addresses) to others.

Access to Patient Update Reports is restricted to those having the appropriate login for that patient (unless their Reports have been designated as being viewable to the general public). Visitors who login will not be able to access any other patient's Reports.

Every effort has been taken to ensure that the Public Update Reports contain no references to the patient other than the patient's first name. If a Patient or Account Manager has opted to allow their reports to be viewable to the general public, it is the responsibility of those entering the Update Reports to make sure that no identifiable, confidential, or compromising information is entered in the Update Reports that they would not want the general pubic to view.

Family Patient reserves the right to collect general information regarding usage and users of this website (including, without limitation, the name of the domain of each user, the IP protocol number of each user, and the date and time each web page was visited). Some pages may use cookies to maintain sessions or to automate navigation. However, information which can personally identify individual users will not be collected.

Family Patient may collect personally identifiable information from users who voluntarily provide such information (e.g., email addresses of users who send an email to Family Patient), however, this information will only be used for internal Family Patient business.

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